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  • Fall 2016 Medal Winners

Alex Massialas: Fencing Highlights

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Classes Starting in October

Dear Fencers and Parents
I met with the landlord Tuesday to discuss continuation of the Academy.
Fortunately, they are willing to work with us with regards to the monthly rent. Because of the recent low
turnout they will reduce the rent.
They want to know how many students will sign up for October. In order to satisfied
the minimum  rent  we need at least 20 fencers.
We now have about 8 who are still committed. Please respond by this weekend if
you plan to continue.

We are offering two classes, one beginner and  the second is for teenagers (experience). Two classes each per week, two hours long.

Parents who have been supporting the Academy with tuition payments while we have been closed will continue to receive complimentary private lessons.

A NO response will be considered not continuing.

Coach Manny

Master Class-Focus on wrist action and distance. Good Effort

Beginner’s Class Starting-Jan. 14 6 to 8 pm.

New “Beginner’s Class” starting Tuesday and Friday. The class begins from 6 till 8 pm.
Fencers will stay in this class until they have mastered basic fencing concepts.
The focus will be on fitness, footwork, blade work and bouting.
Homework mandatory.